Studio Modijefsky is an Amsterdam based interior design studio, working on a diverse portfolio of interiors in the Netherlands and abroad. Founded by Esther Stam in 2009, it is a boutique studio which hinges on creativity and bespoke design. An international team of architects and interior designers work on interiors and much more; from bars and restaurants to hotels, public spaces and even bus design.

For each project, a concept is created, wherein the team caters to the client’s ambitions and aspirations, taking their ideas a step further, and turning them into reality. The team enriches each project by bringing new ideas to the table. Spaces are designed up to the very last detail; a total spatial experience is created, where people are made aware of their environment, and are nourished by the space.

The past years have led to a project list containing designs for public spaces like train station tunnels, architectural projects such as facade designs and a broad selection of designs for the hospitality industry; with projects like The Roast RoomBar Botanique and Kanarie Club in Amsterdam. We are always interested in getting our hands on new projects, whether it’s a retail project for a hat shop in Paris or a Spa or just another signature hotel!