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Studio Modijefsky is busy designing an interior for one of the three new restaurants at the headquarters in Amsterdam.  Spanning over 1.543 m2, with a wide range of materials and plenty of bespoke pieces, the restaurant will create an inspiring space for all those working in the new headquarters.

Next to that Studio Modijefsky is designing the interior for the Connectors: with 335 m2, 375 m2 and 305 m2 on different floors (over 1000 m2 meters in total), the Connectors will create a space to connect.

Scheduled to be completed in 2021, is building a new headquarters in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam. The new 65,000 m2 campus will be located on the historic water front on Oosterdokseiland near Central Station and has been designed by Dutch architecture firm UNStudio. HofmanDujardin is the lead interior architect for the project and has assembled a diverse team of designers from all over the world to create a unique and welcoming environment.

Project: HQ Restaurant & Connectors

Location: Amsterdam

Assignment: Interior Design

Status:  DO

Size: Restaurant 5th Floor 1.543m2 & Connectors 6th Floor 335m2, 7th Floor 275m2 & 8th Floor 305m2


Architect: UNStudio

Design: Studio Modijefsky; Esther Stam, Natalia Nikolopoulou, Nancy Katri, Agnese Pellino, Eleni Chousen

Lead Interior Designer: HofmanDujardin

Other designers involved; CBRE Design, Linehouse, i29 interior architects, MOSS, Mijksenaar, PSLab, Scholten&Baijings

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