Café Maxwel was a bar in desperate need of renovation before Studio Modijefsky was assigned to give it a fresh look. Part of the elements in the space are kept as key elements to keep the identity of the place, such as some colors used in the tiles, the back of bar, the location of the bar and bench and the brick wall.
A playful approach to grids and lines creates the main concept behind the new design. The tiles on the floor create a grid which changes in dimension. This pattern also reflects on the ceiling creating junctions and points for hanging lights, fans and the new custom glass rack.
The grid can also be seen on the table tops and the leather bench. It gives an identity to the interior which is also reflected in the graphic and menu design of the bar.
The use of tiles on the floor and walls, wood in different patterns and types and upcycled furniture in dark blue, terra red, white and light blue gives the space a warm feel along with a bit of irregularity and randomness, which is all united by the grid pattern. 

Project: Cafe Maxwell

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Program: bar

Assignment: interior design for rebuilding a bar & terrace + graphic design for logo, menu's and website

Status: realised January 2014


Client: Drie wijzen uit Oost

Design: Studio Modijefsky; Esther Stam, Marie Daskalas, Kasia Nowak, Melissa Rijnbeek  

Photography: Leon Hendrickx