Once again Studio Modijefsky has teamed up with Studio Molen to create a spectacular design concept. Commissioned by Heren 5 Architects to create an interesting design for the 193m long façade of their latest housing project in Kampen, they got their hands dirty with painting irregular lines and shapes. These paintings are later used to create unique patterns to cover the facades of commercial spaces on the ground floor. More than 180 panels have been created using the original paintings. These panels form an organic pattern that changes throughout the façade, while strengthening the continuity of it and creating a holistic image. 

Project: Gevel Hanzewijk 

Location: Kampen, The Netherlands

Program: commercial

Assignment: graphic design for commercial facades  

Status: under construction 

Size: 193 linear meters

Client: Multi Vastgoed / Multi Corporation and Heren 5 Architects 

Design: Studio Modijefsky; Esther Stam, Natalia Nikolopoulou, Kristina Petrauskaite, Moene Van Werven i.c.w. Studio Molen

Photography: Maarten Willemstein

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