The train station of Weesp consists of a station hall and a tunnel that leads to the two platforms of the station. There is a need for revitalization of the tunnel and the adjoining space.
In collaboration with Studio Molen, Studio Modijefsky develops a design for the tunnel and station hall. A nature tunnel is designed, and the flora and fauna of the Weesp environment are used as elements to guide the passengers to the spaces and functions in and outside the tunnel. The experience of passing trough the nature tunnel will bring the passengers a new journey every day.

Project: Station tunnel Weesp

Location: Weesp, The Netherlands

Program: public space station

Assignment: design of a station tunnel and adjoining station hall and outside spaces  

Status: realised May 2010

Size: 750m²

Client: NS Poort & Prorail

Design: Studio Modijefsky i.c.w. Studio Molen


- de Onderbouwing nr 9 2011

- Frame nr 75 2010

- Vechtjournaal 25 February 2010

- Gooi & Eemlander 20 February 2010

- Weespernieuws 10 February 2010