The theatre play ‘Tim of Athens’ is performed on two locations, one in The Netherlands and one in Belgium.In The Netherlands the play takes place in the Sugar factory in Halfweg, an empty factory complex, which is part of the Dutch industrial heritage. The hall next to the main hall where they perform the play, is designed as temporary foyer and restaurant. The design of the restaurant complements the concept of the play. The audience slowly gets acquainted with the atmosphere of the play and where the play will take them. 
‘Tim van Athens’ is a play directed by Gerardjan Rijnders and takes place in a world of wealth and abatement. The restaurant shows richness at the point of collapsing; the elongated tables are majestically hanging on the ceiling between the chandeliers, nevertheless they don’t feel reliable. Oysters are introduced on long moving-band conveyors, but the shells are empty and fall of the moving conveyor into big piles. The buffet looks endlessly; only the last part is filled with food and crumbles show what it used to be. The bar is made out of a big champagne stockpile that transfers champagne through a transparent hose allover the restaurant. In the end it slowly drips into overflowing piled-up glass towers.

Project: Sugar factory

Location: Halfweg, The Netherlands

Program: stage setting for theatre play, restaurant on location

Assignment: design and realization of a restaurant and foyer on location for theatre play ‘Tim van Athene’, assistance at design for stage setting

Status: realised 2003

Size: 450m²

Client: Zuideijk Toneel Hollandia

Design: Esther Stam at Zuideijk Toneel Hollandia