Piet de Gruyter settles in a former building of the grocer chain 'De Gruyter'.
The adjacent square and the history of the building form  the new local pub of the 'Staatslieden area'.
The interior of the cafe reflects the design of the square it is located at, the van Limburg Stirum square. The public art in the square is brought inside by a mirrored wall and the connection between the interior of the cafe and its surroundings has been strengthened by using similar materials and finishes.

Project: Piet de Gruyter

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Program: cafe/bar

Assignment: interior design for new bar in an existing building

Status: realised june 2011

Size: 100m²

Client: Floriaan Vroom & Maarten Melo

Design: Studio Modijefsky

Photography: Maeve Stam


 Amsterdam NOW 2012

- EH&I october 2012